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Dining in Prague

December 12, 2020    0 comment

Dining (1)
La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Recipes based on a 19th-century Czech cookbook, but refined to impress any of today’s gourmands – that’s what La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise has achieved, and so it’s no wonder the folk at Michelin have come a-lauding (and awarding). The chef changes the menu daily, so come here ready to just relax and let the artfully prepared small plates arrive at your table.

Dining (2)

Prague’s second 2019 Michelin star belongs to Field, which attempts to source locally while creating an exciting, Scandinavian-inspired menu. You have the option of ordering their ten-course tasting menu or eating à la carte, and both give you choices like kohlrabi and quark or various fish creations you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the landlocked Czech Republic. In addition to wine pairings with the taster menu, Field also features non-alcoholic drink pairings – mostly vegetable juices.

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Treat your taste buds to a wide selection of meats, freshly butchered and cooked to your tastes (which you specify on a hand-written order form). Seats fill up fast in this elegant former bank building, so you might need to eat on your feet at a long communal standing table in the lobby. If you’re up for an adventurous, waste-no-part-of-the-animal approach, reserve a spot for dinner with the butcher every Monday through Wednesday

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Lehká Hlava

The painted starry sky, meat-free menu and peaceful vibe of Lehká Hlava (meaning ‘clear head’) has kept Prague’s vegetarian community smiling for more than a decade. As vegan and vegetarianism continue to grow in popularity among younger generations, reservations have become more and more essential at this small neighbourhood favourite near the river side of the Old Town. A glossary of meat alternatives at the back of the menu helps to clarify the latest additions to staple ingredients like tofu, tempeh and quinoa.

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U Modré kachničky

At first glance, the medieval decoration at U Modré kachničky – think armour, lush maroon velvet, lots of mahogany – might strike you as kitsch. But once you’re treated to the welcoming service and creative dégustation menus filled with duck and wild game, it all becomes rather more endearing. Pairing each course with wine will teach you a thing or two about Czech vino. Make sure you save room for dessert.

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Terasa U Zlaté Studně

For a multi-sensory gastronomic experience, you can’t beat perennial favourite Terasa U Zlaté Studně. This small, elegant restaurant in the Golden Well Hotel, just below Prague Castle, serves a selection of Czech and European classics. It also comes with a view like no other. Come here on a warm evening, indulge in the tasting menu, enjoy a bottle of wine or two, and watch the sun set over the city.

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