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Prof. Daniel G. Ngugi

Professor and coordinator of economics at Minot State University (North Dakota, USA)

Professor Daniel Ngugi holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and a masters in Statistics both from the University of Georgia in the USA. He teaches economics at Minot State University, in Minot, North Dakota, USA, where he is also the coordinator of the program. His scholarly interests are diverse; he conducts research, and has published widely in the areas of managerial and business economics; public finance; environmental economics; learning in higher education; and technology adoption. He has mentored many students both at the undergraduate and graduate level. He loves reading, hiking and sightseeing.

Speech Title: Financial Management of Public Schools: Managers’ Perspective

management conference

Dr. M. Belén Salas Compás

Dr. M. Belén Salas Compás has PhD in Business and Economics, and is a Professor at the Finance and Accounting Departement of the University of Málaga in Spain. She is an author of scientific articles in the field of Finance and serves as an anonymous reviewer in two International Scientific Journals. Her research interest lies in predictions of economic and financial models, sustainable finances and financial markets.

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Dr. Dena Bateh

Dr. Dena Bateh is the Chair, School of Undergraduate Studies at Excelsior University. She Holds a PhD in International Economics From Columbia University (New York) and an MBA in International Business & Marketing, and a BA from Jacksonville University (Florida). Dr. Bateh has received several professional and academic awards, notably celebrated by Who’s Who for Excellence in Business and Higher Education.

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Dr. Fiona Sussan

Dr. Fiona Sussan is currently Professor of Marketing at Toyo University, Japan. Her research interests are tourism and digital marketing. She obtained her MBA and PhD from City University of New York. Her publication appeared in International Marketing Review, Journal of Business Research, Small Business Economics, among others. Her research has received awards from Emerald, AMA, and others.

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Ms. Gifty Kumadey

Gifty Kumadey is an accomplished lecturer, mentor, and PhD student specializing in Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Ghana’s public sector. With over 20 years of experience, she excels in leadership and research. Gifty’s proactive approach, effective communication, and passion for research set her apart. Beyond academia, she enjoys traveling, music, dancing, and engaging in research activities. Her contributions inspire students and the academic community, leaving a lasting impact on knowledge and practice.

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Imane BEN YAHYA, ENCGT marketing graduate and second-year doctoral student interested in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing. She is Currently immersed in the study of strategies within the hospitality industry to uphold and enhance competitiveness in the post-COVID era.

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Mrs. Yetunde Awe

Yetunde Awe is a PhD student at the University of Derby, specialising in Leadership and Organisational Behaviour with experience working in the professional setting. She is a dedicated PhD Tutor, promoting educational equity. Passionate about HRM, her research spans leadership to employee well-being. She is affiliated with the British Academy of Management and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management.

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Dr. Simon S.M. Yuen

Dr. Simon S.M. Yuen is a Senior Lecturer and Scheme Leader [BA (Hons) Scheme in Business] at School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr Yuen is active in research and scholarly activities. He has published papers and articles in international journals, professional magazines and academic conferences. Also, he writes a column on Business Trade and Logistics in the Hong Kong Economic Journal. His research areas include Operations and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management and Practices, Aviation Logistics, e-business and Learning & Teaching in Higher Education.

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Dr. Amir Moradi

Dr. Amir Moradi is a senior lecturer in finance and the chair of the Economics and Finance Department at the International School of Business of HAN University of Applied Sciences. He has had teaching experience in some European business schools such as TIAS School for Business and Society and ESCEM School of Business and Management. Amir has worked as a senior executive in the aviation industry for more than eight years prior to the start of his academic career. Amir holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and a Master’s degree in Financial Management. In 2017, He obtained his Ph.D. in finance from a Paris-based consortium of three triple-accredited business schools in France. He has earned level I and level II of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certifications. He also holds the ESG Investing certificate from the CFA Institute. His research interests include ESG investing, system dynamics in finance, crypto assets, financial crises, and corporate finance. He has published papers in some peer-reviewed journals such as Research in International Business and Finance, Decision Analytics Journal, and International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences.

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Dr. Jeremiah Madzimure

Dr. Jeremiah Madzimure holds the following qualifications: Bsc Hons, Post Graduate in Higher Education, M.B.A and Doctorate in Business. He is currently studying for his second master’s degree in Education and working as FYE coordinator and part time lecturer at Vaal University of Technology. His research interests include: business and general education. He has published extensively in accredited journals (both local and international) and also presented a lot of papers locally and international conferences.

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Ms. Yuxin Shen

Yuxin Shen, a postgraduate of Finance in Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu, China. Her research orientations include digital finance and technological innovation, and she is now participating in two Chinese National Natural Science Foundation Research Projects, Research on the Digital Development Mechanism and Inclusive Effect of Rural Financial Institutions in the Context of Financial Science and Technology (Project Number: 72073067) and Development Mechanism and Effect of China’s Rural Digital Finance: Research Based on Experimental Economy (Project Number: 71973064). She has published the results in several papers, including one published in a CSSCI-Indexed journal, two conference papers (ICOSH 2022), and two EI conference papers (ICDSM 2022, ICEMME 2022).

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Mr. Faris Khalil Ibrahim Alsaedi

Faris Alsaedi is a Henley Business School PhD student in the department of Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour. His research explores the themes of organisational culture, diversity in the workplace, adult learning, leadership and contemporary issues in human resource management and development. In 2020 Faris earned a Masters degree in Human Resource Development from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. His Bachelors degree, awarded in 2016, was in Human Resource Management from King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia, where he also had a role as a teacher assistant.

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Ms. Pilar Gamarra

Pilar Gamarra is a lecturer at Cunef Universidad. She holds a degree in Physics from the Universidad Complutense (Madrid), an Executive Master degree in Business Administration and Management from EAE (Barcelona), and a Master degree in Talent Management, Learning and Innovation (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona). Pilar is in her final year as PhD candidate in Business Management from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Her research interest lies on ethical leadership and moral leaders’ traits.

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Mr. Heming Lai

Heming Lai is studying mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Guangdong University of Finance. He presented a paper on spatio-temporal coupled prediction of stock prices at the 2022 International Conference on Finance,Investment and Business Analysis(Malaysia). He shows great enthusiasm for strengthening his practical ability in deep learning, neural network and time series prediction

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Dr. Orhan Emre Elma

Dr. Orhan Emre ELMA graduated from Istanbul University and right after, pursued postgraduate and doctorate degrees in the field of finance. He is currently working at the finance department of Necmettin Erbakan University. In his research, he is mostly focused on financial performance analysis and he uses MCDAs in order to compare the financial performance of the initial public offerings, and other publicly traded companies. Based on using various MCDAs and weighting techniques, he studies to find the most suitable MCDA for the financial decision makers. MCDA methods comparison, long and short-term financial performance, artificial neural networks and their utilization on capital markets are his research interests.

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Ms. Zeren Lelaona

Ms. Zeren Lelaona studied International Business with a specialization in Finance at the International School of Business of HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands. Currently, Zeren is working at Goldman Sachs as a fund controller intern in the Hague. Her main research interests are corporate finance and investment management.

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Dr. Daniel George Ngugi

Dr. Daniel George Ngugi is professor and coordinator of economics at Minot State University in the USA. His research interests include business economics, public finance, environmental economics and, the economics of technology adoption. He loves reading, hiking and sightseeing.

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Ms. Huijuan (Lina) Weng

Ms. Huijuan (Lina) Weng is taking the final steps to finish her bachelor studies in international business with a specialization in finance at the International School of Business of HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands. Currently, she is working at Expertwired as a financial/data analyst intern in Amsterdam. Her main research interests are corporate finance and data science.

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Boidurjo Rick Mukhopadhyay

Dr Boidurjo Rick Mukhopadhyay, DSc, PhD, is a Senior Academic and Business Advisor with a background in managing HEIs and triple helix relations in the UK, Europe, China, and Central Asia. His current research and consultancy expertise fall in the areas of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Global Goals, Gig Economy/ Collaborative Consumption, and Future of Work. Dr Mukhopadhyay also advises startups in EdTech, Renewable Energy, Gig Economy Business Platforms, Food & Beverage, and AI & Media. Since 2011, he has been speaking on SMEs and entrepreneurship, leadership & organisational culture, business ethics – at HEIs, executive courses, international summer schools, and business events.

Speech Title: “Here today, Gone tomorrow'”, Business Strategy and Employee Engagement in the Gig Economy: Lessons from India, China, and Uzbekistan

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Dr. Felix Amoah

Dr Felix Amoah holds a doctoral degree in Marketing from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Currently, a senior lecturer and Head of Department in the Department of Marketing at Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. Areas of research includes consumer behaviour, customer experiences, customer satisfaction and branding. Supervises postgraduate research studies and have published several articles in refereed accredited national and international academic journals and conference proceedings.

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Prof. Jose-Mario Zarate-Carbajal

Prof. Jose-Mario Zarate-Carbajal holds a MSc in Quantitative Finance from The University of Manchester. He is a part-time professor at Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) and works for high-tech companies leading finance and data analytics projects.

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Ms. Xueying Zhang

Ms. Xueying Zhang graduated from Applied Statistics Major in Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, has been currently accepted by Michigan University, USA for the MS Program in Survey and Data Science (MPSDS). She shows great enthusiasm for the medical industry and is looking forward to strengthening her practical ability and research skills in demographic, social network and longitudinal data analysis.

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Mr. Cathay Kuo-Tai Kang

Mr. Cathay Kuo-Tai Kang is currently a student in the Ph.D. program of the Chang Jung Christian University College of Management. He is head of his own Lean Manufacturing consultation company and was former VP for Danaher Corporation Danaher Business System Office (DBSO), Asia.  His focus areas are Lean Manufacturing/Toyota Production System, Cold-Forging, Tooling Design, and the Chinese Family Business Model.

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Mr. Frank Thole

Mr. Frank Thole managing partner, with WEPEX management consultancy, specialized in the banking industry. He held degrees in business administration (Diploma-Kaufmann), MBA, M.Phil and CFA. Since 2011 he has been a lecturer at universities, including the University of Economics and Management (FOM), Germany.

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Mr. Shih Fu-Chiang

Mr. Shih Fu-Chiang is currently a student in the Ph.D. program of the Chang Jung Christian University College of Management. He is Head of Hospital Rehabilitation Department.

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